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4conversations@conference.siacs.euofficial help room for conversations (Android XMPP messenger)XMPP Conversations Android Help2806nomodify
30kuketzblog@rooms.dismail.deKuketz IT-Security Blog LesertreffpunktIT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz, Hacking3206yesmodify
1kuketzblog@conference.trashserver.netmoved to: kuketzblog@rooms.dismail.deIT Security Blog06yesmodify
34freie-messenger@conference.jabber.deKonferenz/Raum von www.freie-messenger.defrei, sicher, quelloffen1206jamodify
37schulen@conference.jabber.deFreie Messenger an SchulenFreie Messenger an Schulen / deutsch156jamodify
12support@room.pix-art.dePix-Art Messenger - SupportPix-Art Messenger (Fork von Conversations)9032jamodify
5conversations@conference.jabber.deConversations XMPP sichere MessengerXMPP OMEMO Conversations Gajim Android Hilfe messenger deutsch11540jamodify
36xmpp-matrix-test@conference.jabber.detest room4218modify
35Hier ein xmpp-matrix-test@conference.jabber.detest room5218modify
20android@conference.trashserver.netAlles rund um Androiddeutsch, android, smartphone, custom rom50271jamodify

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